Elephant Whisperers

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Becoming a Leader and Being One

Off Site

Unlock the untamed potential of leadership with our workshop inspired by the animal kingdom. Join us for a transformative experience designed exclusively for leadership. Embrace the wisdom of the wild and transform your leadership style. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of leadership inspired by animals.

Duration: 1 Day
Recommended for: People Managers who aspire to lead with a roar.
Type: In office campus/ on-site
Minimum Batch Size: 10 Participants
Price: On request

What you get out of this?

1. Leadership Assessment:

  • Discover your leadership style and strengths through interactive assessments.
  • Learn how different animal leadership styles align with your own and how to leverage them effectively.
  • Gain insights into your leadership potential and areas for growth.

2. Collaborations in the Wild:

  • Explore the power of collaboration in the animal kingdom.
  • Understand how cooperation, teamwork, and synergy drive success in the wild.
  • Apply these lessons to foster a culture of collaboration within your team and organization.

3. Listening to Understand:

  • Witness how animals use keen senses to listen and adapt to their surroundings.
  • Master the art of active listening to empathize and connect with your team.
  • Enhance your ability to comprehend diverse perspectives and make informed decisions.

4. Learning Agility:

  • Animals continuously adapt to survive and thrive; learn from their agility.
  • Develop the mindset and skills to navigate change and uncertainty in your leadership role.
  • Embrace lifelong learning and lead your team through evolving challenges.
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